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  1. I wanted to write as ive enjoyed your website! I’ve had my 1960 Electra four door sedan since 1984. Although I’m on wife number two and have had three kids since I bought it, my Buick has been the constant thing in my life.

    I’m now on restoration number two in its life. Had the carb rebuilt, replaced the plugs and wires, coil, had the transmission rebuilt and the radiator boiled and repaired. Next is the interior.

    Keep up the good work on your baby. Do you have any new photos? If so, would love to see them!

    Take care.

    Dave in Dallas

  2. Hi don’t waste your time with them cheap china seals I found out fast to thin ripped when I put rearend back in get an nos. one on ebay.I have 59 buick invicta invicta 2 door

  3. Hey Ray I got my seals off of oldbuickparts.com. When I got the torque ball all sealed up and after a couple hours fighting to get the shaft mated I finally got it partially mated and when I slid the shaft forward something went wrong and it started puking ATF and I mean puking. I have my entire tranny out now and pretty fed up with it. What am I doing wrong other than the fact I’m trying to repair a torque tube drive train.

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