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1960 Buick Invicta Convertible Purchased — 6 Comments

  1. A of trivia: a light brown 1960 Invicta was the vehicle used to transport the heroin in the “real” French Connection, not the Lincoln used for the Gene Hackman film. Evidently, the smugglers were aware that this model had significant natural cavities under the fenders and undercarriage that could be used to escape notice in a cursory inspection.

  2. My sons 1960 Lesabre’s turn signals are not working due to the small plastic actuator that moves the switch cable being broken, The shop manual referes to this as a turn signal switch bellcrank but I have done many searches looking for this part and cannot find anything. Do you know whther it may be refered to by another name?

  3. I am restoring a 1960 Buick Invicta 4-door. The car does not have an engine. If I still cant find an original engine, which other engine (Buick or other) will fit this car with minimum or no major alteration.

    Would be grateful for some technical advise.
    Many thanks

  4. To Paa, you are going to want to find a nailhead engine and make sure it’s either a 59 or 60 engine. If the engine is from other years the bell hoisin will not match nor will the crank shaft ( I learned the hard way). Visit nailheadbuick.com and speak with Russ Martin to get tech info. If you use a different engine entirely, you’ll have to change the rear completely and buy a torque tube eliminator kit and install a different transmission. Buicks from this era are very exclusive.
    Hope that helps.

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