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Bent Rear Bumper — 9 Comments

  1. Dave, I just posted on Craigslist in flint, MI a brand new n.o.s. rear bumper with n.o.s. back up light housing. Email me if interested, I believe this is the only one left which is n.o.s. brand new in the country.

    • Thanks Paul, very nice find! Can’t afford it at the moment, but I did post the link to the 1960 Buick group on Facebook.

  2. Howdy. I just found this site surfing the web and am enjoying the posts. I just purchased a 1960 Invicta convertible a few weeks ago. Looking forward to making my way through the site. Regards, Christian.

    • Will get getting it out of hibernation soon! I have a new muffler on the way, some new top weatherstrip and am shopping for a new top. Will post updates!

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