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  1. Hello Dave,
    I bought a 61 lesabre for my stepson a few months ago and we’re slowly restoring it. It’s really in pretty good shape already but needs a few mechanical and body things. I’m very much a novice (as you can tell by my upcoming question) but enjoy what we’re doing with the car and the educational aspect of restoration. So first do you know of a QUALITY run website that’s good for parts? Next, do you think it wise to use a amateur upholsterer if I have the old stuff to use as patterns? And last–and here’s my experience level showing–to take off the rear door panel to repair the glass mechanism, I can’t find a way to remove the glass (not power) crank handle. All I can see is what looks like a torx type of bolt between the metal door and the glass that would release the handle. I can’t get to it either through the top of the door panel or after swiveling the panel and reaching up through the hole in the door. Is there a factory special tool for that? Thanks Dave–Your site is great! Bob

    • Bob, there are a few websites that sell Buick parts. There is http://buickfarm.com, http://www.oldbuickparts.com, and I think there may be a few others. But, are they “Quality” sites? By today’s website standards, no, they are quite archaic. We are dealing with obscure cars here, not common Chevy’s or Fords so we get what we get!

      The trunk material in my car are a disaster, I took the floor mat out, it came in several chunks but I saved it for making patterns in the future. Since your Buick is a ’61, the patterns won’t be the same anyway. You’ll have to find another ’61 or ’62 Buick to copy. Maybe the same up to ’64, but you’ll have to research that to find out for sure.

      The door handle cranks have a clip that takes a special tool to remove. You can get the tool at your local auto parts store.

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