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More Engine Clean-up and Detailing — 5 Comments

  1. Hi,

    Just found the site from your link on utube. Cool car! Fun to see the old girl come alive again. I too am workin’ on a ’60 Buick. A LeSabre 2 door sedan. this weekend I’ll be bringing home an Invicta parts car. A pretty solid Colorado car, let me know if you need anything for your project

  2. Hey Dave. I have been following your progress closely… good stuff! I also have been playing with my 1960 Invicta (4 dr Hardtop) I bought about 6 weeks ago. Would like to swap some emails about how things are going with you and Steve. Anyway… keep chugging, you really have something!

  3. Hi,nice job on your buick. You were talking about the ignition which I also want to change to push button or key start. Do you know where I can get a kit or instructions how to do this.I want to change cause I have a 2 brl on mine that leaks after you shut car off, and trying to find another carbis very hard. Parts for this are rare. I have a LeSabre 1960 with a 364 2brl 2 spd auto. Let me know if you can help or leave me your number and I will call you. Thanks for any help.

  4. I enjoy seeing your progress on the blog. also have a 1960 Buick Invicta 4 dorr Sedan that I working on. I have the almost everything back together but have one part I can’t figure out where it goes. I would like to e-mail a picture of the part and see if you can locate it on your car? Please let me know if that would be possible.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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