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Starter Relay — 8 Comments

    • Hi Jim, I’ve had too many low-ball offers so I’ve decided to keep it and fix it up a little bit at a time.

  1. HI..I ran across your website and have acquired a 1960 buick lesabre…needs a lot of work, but seems like a fun car toe drive…Dale

  2. I have a 60 buick lesaber with same problem starter wont disengage I was wondering if u ever got problem figered out what was it?

    • I never did figure out what the problem was. I ended up re-building the original starter, and now it works just fine. My confidence isn’t super high that it won’t stick again at some point and burn the thing up like it did before.

  3. I own a 60 LeSabre Conct. I had an issue with my Ignition relay switch once. Took the cover off and cleaned the points carefully with fine sand paper. I did that over five or six years ago. so far–so good. I think the points were just sticking. I also cleaned the connections next to the carborator and made sure they were tight.

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