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Torque Ball Hell — 10 Comments

    • Hi Bob, never could find a replacement. This part is not reproduced. You have to fix what you have or find a good used one.

  1. Thanks. Great post on the torque ball repair. I have access to brazing materials and a lathe, so I will do the same if needed.

  2. hey not even two days ago i replaced the two o rings inside the torque ball on my 60 electra 4 door. i had the same problem with clearence and all i can say is its really hard and requires a lot of pacience. my big problem was mating the shaft back to the tranny. is there any good technique.

  3. I am fairly certain that the clearance problem is related to wear of the trans mount. I had the same issue, even with the driveline out. After a lot of cussin’ I jacked the trans up a couple of inches and pulled everything right out.

  4. i dont have a complete service manual it gave me very little info would u know where u can get these guide pins? cuz im gonna have to pull everything out agian to replace that torque ball seal. also i need some pretty hard to find parts like those reflectors that go on the back of the arm rests.

  5. I have a 60 Lesabre with a manual 3 speed – does anyone know where to source a clutch and pressure plate?

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