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    • I don’t know. It seems that a lot of these Remmington Cushion-Air tires have turned up at swap meets and such. These tires may have been some of the last wide-whitewall bias-ply tires available on the market. Making them the last survivors, and the most common. Still, they gotta be from the early 80’s at the newest, or maybe even late 70’s. I know one thing though…. those tires rode like pure garbage on my Buick! Absolutely terrible!

  1. we had those exact same tires on our 61 chrysler from the time we bought it in 1998 up until about 2 years ago. They were great! the car rode like a dream. Wish we could still get them as they were the closest to the correct goodyear bluestreaks offered on the 300. We ended up going with bf goodrench silvertowns from coker

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